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EMR Technology Ltd at the CV Show 2015

• Telma® Euro 6 integrated Retarders Control System (iRCS) launches in the UK.

The new integrated Retarder Control System (iRCS), that adds the control and power functions into a single electronic module, is being launched across the UK in a variety of vehicles.

The iRCS allows for seamless integration of Telma® retarders in all vehicles equipped with electronic braking systems (ABS, ESP, EBS, speed control and automatic transmission control) and gives improved diagnostics and functionality through a dedicated PC or Android app.

The innovative electronic design of the iRCS's power function also significantly reduces the retarder's energy consumption and preserves its electric circuits. All control systems are available from EMR Technology for new build and retrofit.


• iRCS aftermarket solution brings multiple benefits to operators.

EMR Technology have been at the forefront of developing the iRCS as a replacement for the previous Euro series ERCS control system.

The two box function of the ERCS control is now replaceable with the single box iRCS and contains all the benefits of the new build system.

For further details please call EMR Technology on 01327 872747.

• European Safety Standards matched again.

The Telma® reputation continues to be built on quality and their Electro-Magnetic Retarder-brake is world-renowned as a reliable and safe addition to any vehicle operation.

As well as being ISO/TS 16949 certified for over 10 years, the new Telma® control system developments comply with all the necessary and latest ISO26262 ASIL Functional Safety Standards.

The Telma® system complies with EC Regulations, EMC Approval and OEM standards, supplying directly to the likes of Iveco, Mercedes and Volkswagen as well as many other global van, bus and truck manufacturers.

• Figures released on improved stopping distances

Recently released figures prove the benefit of the Electro-Magnetic Retarder-brake system when it comes to slowing and stopping vehicles.

Based on a 5T GVW, assuming a deceleration of 50%g from the friction brakes and tyre adhesion being maintained, at a speed of just 30 mph (49 kph), the Telma® retarder-brake was proven to reduce the total stopping distance by 3 metres (10 feet).

• Hydraulic vs Electro-Magnetic Retarder-Brake! Low speed and response times provide only one winner!

New figures prove that Electro-Magnetic units sustain high brake torque, even at low rpm with 85% brake torque available at under 2mph (3kph). The Hydraulic systems have little or no brake torque at under 18mph (30kph)
Tests reveal that Electro-Magnetic system has an instant ‘switch-off’ in under 2/10ths of a second, and a ‘switch on’ in almost 1/10th! Due to ‘lag’ the hydraulic system has a fuel consumption disadvantage of 1.2-2.2KW per operation.
Proving that the electromagnetic technology guarantees unequalled instantaneous response and full braking power, regardless of the vehicle's speed.

EMR News 2013

  • Jay Leno installs a Telma Electro-magnetic Retarder-brake on his show "Jay Leno's Garage"

Jay Leno, the well-known host and truck enthusiast, has dedicated an episode of his famous "Jay Leno's Garage" to Telma. This time, an Axial range AD retarder has been fitted on one of the vehicles from his famous collection, a fire truck model "American LaFrance" produced in 1941. With ten persons on board, Jay Leno has performed a test drive, demonstrating once again, the many benefits of the electromagnetic brake-retarder.
To watch all the videos dedicated to Electro-magnetic Brake-retarders by the "Jay Leno's Garage", please use the link below.

Watch Video or type into your browser - http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/search/?search=telma

  • New AF2 completes the new lightweight range

The AF2 is born and completes the AF range of Telma Axial retarders. AF2 offers all the Telma advantages in a compact size. AF2 was specially designed to equip vehicles under 5 tons and especially, pickup trucks, 4x4 and SUVs.

The AF2 simplifies at the maximum the installation operations with the integration of brackets and silentblocs. AF2 was designed to be driven by the IRCS, the Telma revolutionary electronic control module.

The AF range is designed to equip vehicles under 6T GVW, with the smaller range available for pickup trucks, 4x4 and SUVs.

The AF3 (designed for 3.5t-6t GVW) vehicles gives an 11 kgs weight reduction on just retarder mass; with no loss of braking torque, is more suitable for low floor vehicles with the height reduced by 45mm, has improved corrosion resistance and is sealed-for-life, minimising servicing

The AF range simplifies the installation operation with the integration of brackets and silent-blocks. The AF range can also be driven by the IRCS, the revolutionary electronic control module.