EMR Vehicle Installations

  • Braking frequency is increasing year-on-year. With more traffic and under-investment on road infrastrucuture this problem will only increase.
  • More braking leads to higher brake temperatures. Higher brake temperatures lead to increased cost and risk. An EMR brake system reduces this cost and risk.
EMR brake systems can be retro-fitted to the majority of rear-wheel drive vehicles and a wide range of different vehicle manufacturer types and operations.

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Currently EMR brake systems are installed on the majority of the front-line UK Ambulance fleets, city buses, airport transfer buses, refuse collection trucks, recovery vehicles, cash-carrying vehicles and vehicles that are used in hilly regions with high braking conditions.


  • EMR brake systems operates with no wearing parts and without friction.
  • Brake service life is greatly increased, generating savings on maintenance over many years of vehicle operation: increasing the service life of all brake parts 4- to 8-fold.
  • Vehicles spend less time in the workshop and more time on the road.
  • By reducing the heat radiated by the brakes it reduces damage to the tyre walls, allow ing a re-tread .
  • By improving the braking feel of the vehicle, average speeds can be increased by up to 10%.


  • EMR brake systems provide an exceptional level of driving comfort that is appreciated by both drivers and passengers.
  • The silent, smooth and progressive operation of the Telma system contributes to a level of comfort unequalled by any other system.
  • It requires no special driver training and it is ideal for all types of operations.
  • The retarder operates throughout the deceleration phase - right down to a complete standstill - and its performance is excellent even at the lowest road speeds.
  • This low speed performance is a major benefit in low speed, stop-go operations such as city transport, municipal services and refuse collection.
  • EMR brake systems response is almost instantaneos, meaning it is immediately available when you want it and immediately switched-off when not required (meaning no Retarder-brake lag as experienced with hydraulic systems).


  • The Telma retarder plays an essential role in vehicle safety; handling some 8 out of 10 braking operations, the Telma ensures the service brakes are cool and efficient at all times for emergency braking.
  • Not only does it avoid overheating of brakes during long downhill descents, the Telma is permanently linked to the road wheels - ensuring that braking is available even when the vehicle is in neutral.
  • It allows gear down-shifting without any risk of "losing" the gears.
  • It is chosen as a safety device on over 60% of coaches with manual gear-boxes in Europe.
  • The electromagnetic operating principle gives almost instantaneous response times, making it fully compatible for use with ABS or EBS systems, and hence guaranteeing maximum safety at all times.