1. How does an Electro-Magnetic Retarder-brake work?

2. Why fit an Electro-Magnetic Retarder-brake?

There are major benefits to vehicles and fleets installing an Electro-magnetic Retarder brake including -
  • Economy
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Environment

For further details please view our Vehicle Installations page here

Smooth and powerful braking with no friction or wear and tear or maintenance can benefit a number of different industrial applications.

For further details please view or Industrial Installations page here

3. What is the difference between Hydraulic retardation and Electro-Magnetic retardation?

There are significant operational differences between Electro-magnetic retardation and hydraulic including -
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Environment
4. Can an Electro-magnetic Retarder-brake be fitted to any vehicle?

Electro-Magnetic Retarder-Brakes are compatible with the majority of vehicles. Compatability is dependent on a number of things - space constraints and homologation with electronic braking systems are two of the items that need to be checked. Please contact our team at EMR to check whether your vehicle can save by having an electro-magnetic retarder-brake installed.

5. Aren't Retarders only used when in hilly conditions?

Not at all. Any commercial vehicle that brakes will save money, improve comfort and safety by having an Electro-Magnetic Retarder fitted. With heavy braking in busy cities becoming more and more, an Electro-Magneitc Retarder-brake can save lives and money on a wide variety of operations.

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